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There was a kick starter but it's over now and was successful, thank you for all the support and be sure to follow the social media links for update on the proper game release:




Quest? Quest! is a story driven role playing game. It has jokes, complex characters and multiple endings. It drops you into a fantasy world with many secrets to discover and adventures to go on. 

Features that this demo has include:

  • Witty and charming dialogue with several lovable yet mysterious characters
  • A reasonable number of rock pushing puzzles, some would say too reasonable a number.
  • Innovative combat system with over 8 different enemies with unique attack patterns (There are 9 enemies in the demo, but many many more are planned for the full game)
  • Adventure training from one of the best in the business
  • A super cool secret sword which I may have made too hard to find 

If you would like to support this game, please visit the kickstarter found here:


Install instructions

The demo is in a ZIP file.


Quest Quest Free Demo.zip 64 MB


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Where is the super secret sword? Looked everywhere

on the red rock puzzle, push it down the bottom route until the end, then push it down


I played it I really enjoyed it, Would definitely recommend changing the pause button, it was too loud and I had to take off my headphones whenever it went in. On its own merit I really like the knight's character I feel like through his art style and body poses and humor he was fleshed out. Mysterious skeleton feels like he would have a larger impact in the whole quest as a whole but since this is a demo and I couldn't see his entire arc play out it's very hard to know what his role will be besides what I suspect is going to be for some 4th wall breaks. (I feel like you could be more subtle with the skeleton in that regard if that is your intention, then again I don't know exactly what his role will play out so I could be in the wrong here). 
For what it's worth it definitely scratches that undertale itch which is what I was hoping for. 


oh man i love undertale


Cute! Freaking adorable!

i enjoyed it <3 it has a really high potential ^_^ every thing about it is perfect .. i  wish you the best of luck with the full game ... i hope you like the video 


how do you actualy start a game whats the button

if the game is running it should say "press z to continue" along the bottom